Weekly Tarot Card Reading

with Colleen McNally


Wednesday Evenings 5:00-7:00

$10.00 drop-in Mini Reading

"The best way to predict the future is to create it." -Abraham Lincoln


 Colleen believes that the tarot is a tool for just that. The tarot is an invitation to deep dive soulfully into ourselves to discover the seen and the unseen. It opens doors and pathways to show us how our past shapes our present and how we can now take the invitations presented in front of us to create our future. 


Colleen is a Philadelphia transport who now resides in Beach Haven, NJ. She is a mother, girlfriend, powerlifter and an intuitive tarot reader. When she is not reading tarot, she is working for her local government and serving breakfast at Uncle Wills. 

Email Colleen for more information tarotwithcolleen@gmail.com

412 N. Bay Avenue, Beach Haven,NJ


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